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Preventive & Wellness for community

Al Sulaiman Health is envisioned to inculcate new, innovative, and inventive healthcare solutions in the GCC using the technologies of tomorrow. The group is currently focused on Wellness, Preventive and Continuum of Care. Our prominence solutions redefine the conventional health care delivery models.

Our HealthCare solutions enhance Customer experience and deploy to deliver affordable services that are easily accessible and available round-the-clock. This obviously demonstrates how our solutions straightforwardly adapt to market needs and provide distinct value to our customers at all times.

Previcare 1.0 - Building healthier communities

A focus on prevention will not only improve the health, but also help to reduce health care costs and improve quality of care. Prevention and wellness programs are basically health care programs that focus on keeping people healthy, rather than just treating people when they get sick. Prevention and wellness programs include public health programs, basic screening, education, good nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation, and other lifestyle changes that promote good health. The Kiosk designed to create basic health screening in matter of 5 mins. Kiosk can be placed at key location where there is more foot falls.

The path to better health starts with wellness prevention.

Workplace Wellness 1.0- Workplace health program

A corporate wellness program has the potential to reduce an employee’s chance of incurring key health risks such as obesity, high cholesterol and blood pressure.
The benefits of promoting healthy lifestyles in the workplace have been proven; good employee health boosts productivity, stimulates creativity and reduces company insurance costs. Creating a structured wellness program prepares businesses and their employees to meet the demands of the new economy, which requires high levels of creativity, immediate responsiveness and ever-shorter turnaround times.

Studies have shown businesses that implement health and wellness programs see improvements in productivity, recruiting efforts and workplace morale, as well as decreases in absenteeism, insurance costs and internal conflicts. Studies typically demonstrate a $4 to $5 saving for every $1 invested in health promotion. With a well-structured program, employees will perform at their maximum potential, because they are more invested in their work and are more loyal to the company.

A good corporate wellness diagnostic must be easily accessible and not overly long or complicated, in order to ensure strong employee participation. Participation should be voluntary and employees must feel comfortable taking part; ideally, they would do so in a calm, non-stressful place, and they shouldn’t find the survey too tedious or too personal.

Study shows with those risks mitigated, companies could cut their health care costs by about $650 (or 18% per average working-age adult) and up to 28% for older adults (Bolnick H, Millard F, Dugas JP. Medical care savings from workplace wellness programs: what is a realistic savings potential? J Occup Environ Med. 2013; 55(1):4-9).

Alsulaiman Health introduces Health Guard KIOSK for corporates to achieve the greatest efficiency of staff.


Retail preventive care

There are obvious benefits to retailers that incorporate a preventive care kiosk service option in their retail health care strategies:

  • The value of certain types of screening like weight and blood pressure is repetition, which plays right into the traffic-building, loyalty-building objectives.
  • Self-service health kiosks are easily scalable, eliminating some of the obstacles involved in finding health care delivery partnerships.
  • Interactive, self-service kiosks are ideally suited to deliver targeted messages about brands in the store that are relevant to the assessments individuals are doing.
  • Consumer satisfaction has an obvious halo effect for retailers as well.
  • Self-service health care at retail is convenient. It puts assessment and prevention education squarely in the path of consumers’ everyday lives.
  • There is a consistency of experience that retailers can deliver and consumers appreciate.