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Vocare Chronic Disease Management Solutions

Patients with chronic diseases have additional visits to the emergency room, a higher rate of hospitalizations, a greater risk of being institutionalized, and are pricier than the average patient (Fazzi Associates, 2008)

After discharging from the hospital to their homes, patients with chronic disease often need a great deal of support including compliance with medications and treatments, improved health behavior coaching, and symptom management.

Instead of visiting the patient on a scheduled basis, possibly two or three times a week, telehealth technology allows care providers to observe the patient on a daily basis and make real-time recognitions and interventions in the care of their patients. These early interventions are essential to the improvement of symptom management and reduction in unnecessary health care encounters such as hospitalization or emergency room visits.

Remote monitoring can lead to stable symptom management, improved health behaviors, and compliance with medications and treatments. Furthermore, the operational efficiencies shaped by telehealth can have a financial advantage to the care agency.

Generation2 MyHealth Tablet:

  • Patient Messaging
  • Patient Schedule of Events
  • Medication Management
  • Manual Data Entry Option
  • Video conferencing Flexibility

Generation2 Clinician Access System Demo:

  • Customized Care Planning
  • Patient Data Trending
  • Population Health Reporting and Analytics
  • Clinical Alert Management