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Leading the implementation and support services of SaVES COVID-19 outbreak management platform, in the State of Qatar.

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Electronic Communicable Disease
Surveillance & Vaccine Registry System (SaVES)

Ministry of Public Health, Qatar | In Partnership with Ooredoo

MOPH and Ooredoo rolled out the solution for early warning surveillance and vaccination system for the State of Qatar. The overall objective of the project is to provide the State of Qatar with a fully functional, effective, and upgradeable system. The above applications are joined under a unified platform Surveillance and Vaccination Electronic System (SaVES). The system is intended to be used by all healthcare facilities in Qatar including government hospitals and facilities, semi-government Hospitals and facilities, and private hospitals, clinics, and facilities.
Al Sulaiman Health (ASH) led the program management and implementation of this project along with the product partners Sunquest, USA and STChealth, USA. The project was initiated in 2018 and was successfully implemented.
The platform is currently being applied to manage COVID 19 outbreak in the State of Qatar. ASH is actively supporting the ongoing project to ensure further extension to various hospitals, clinics and integration with healthcare systems like Cerner, EPIC, and other community platforms being used across the State of Qatar.
ASH aims to take this experience to other countries in the Middle Eastern region along with its product partners and is actively bidding for similar opportunities in the region.

Leading the COVID-19 Outbreak Management
in the State of Qatar

Research & Development

Al Sulaiman Health (ASH) is part of a tightly integrated Health & Wellness business cluster of Al Sulaiman Holding. The companies in this cluster are focusing on building innovative medical and wellness products under the brand FUTREX and community wellness platform under the brand ENHAPP. The cluster has common research and development facilities in Coimbatore, India, and Maryland, USA.
The team is actively working on the below areas which will lead us to build unique products in this trillion-dollar healthcare sector. The brand Futrex has historically held 69 patents in the USA during the last 3 decades. The brilliant team of engineers and scientists are already taking big steps into the future of artificial intelligence, machine learning, medical IoT, connected cloud network, and user experience.
These ongoing R&D investments enable the team at ASH to propose, strategize and implement Population Health Solutions to the respective Ministry of Public Health in the Middle Eastern countries.

AI-Based Symptom Checker

AI-Based Predictive Disease Analytics

AI-Based Food Recognition

NLP & Chatbot

Health Vitals Based on Face Recognition

NIR Based Glucometer

69 Patents


A Comparative Study on Body Composition Analysis against the BMI Analysis and Possibility of Normal Weight Obesity Syndrome among the Young Male Candidates Residing in the UAE Region

Comparitive Study (research) Although intellectually engaged and demonstrate complex mental activities, a signi¤Éicant portion of the contemporary youth do not engage in an adequate level of physical activities.

Patient Centered Care -Digital Hospital

Internation case studies int he management of disasters: Today, the presence of unwanted activities threatening the safety of the field, which has negative effects on daily life and social psychology, is increasing day by day.

International Case Studies in the Management of Disasters

The role of integrated, high performance, scalable architecture in enabling patient-centric design by Dr. Manoj Menon